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Top Ten Most Populated States of the USA – 2013

The United States of America is one of the most populated countries in the entire world. It comes as no surprise as this is most happening place in the world. Everyone wants to live the American dream in the land of opportunity. Keeping in view some the recent surveys and reports gathered from a variety of sources, here is our rundown of the Top Ten list of the most populated states in the US.

Most Populated States of the USA
10. North Carolina
North Carolina, a state located in the South East of the US makes the number 10 spot on our Top Ten list with approximately 9,812,584 people. It is popularly known as the Old North State or the Tar Heel State. Its capital city is called Raleigh and its biggest city in terms of population is Charlotte. North Carolina is made up of over 100 different counties each being significant in its own way.
9. Michigan
Michigan has seen a sharp shift in its population when compared to some of the past years. At a population of 9,839,333, Michigan makes it to the number nine spot. Michigan can be located in the mid-western part of the US. The state gets its name from the surrounding five big lakes as the name’s literal meaning translates to “large water” making it the largest and longest fresh water coastline in the country.
8. Georgia
Georgia – popularly known as the Empire of the South overtook Michigan on the leaderboard for the 8th spot with 9,921,585 individuals. The significance of Georgia lies in the fact that it used to be one of thirteen colonies in the region but was granted the status of State in 1732. Atlanta is the most popular city of the region and also the State Capital famous for a large number of things.
7. Ohio
With a population of nearly 11,555,168 people, Ohio takes the number 7 spot on our top ten list of most populated US states. Ohio is one of the most popular and famous states in the United States with the city of Columbus as the state capital. Ohio used to be included in North Western Territories before being inducted into the Union as the 17th State of the country.
6. Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania grabs the number 6 spot with an estimated population of 12,783,164 people. The state of Pennsylvania is on the number nine spot in terms of population density. Harrisburg is the state capital while also being one of the most populated cities of the region.
5. Illinois
Illinois is placed at the number five spot with 12,896,257 individuals and their population seems to be on the rise year by year. Illinois is popular for being the miniature copy of the entire United States. Illinois plays a very important role for the economy of the entire country as it has a high agricultural output and productivity.
4. Florida
Florida ranks at number 4 with 19,221,784 and one of the reasons for its high population is its border with the Gulf of Mexico from where a significant number of illegal immigrants enter into the country seeking a better life or employment opportunities. Regardless of the increase in population, Florida continues to thrive through its agricultural and tourism industry.
3. New York
The New York State stands at number 3 on the top ten most populated list of US states with a population of 19,442,080 people. New York State is perhaps the most well-known states in the entire world as it is a center for worldwide trade and economy. It is also the place where dreams come true. Albany is the state capital of New York and can be found in the north eastern region of the United States.
2. Texas
Texas takes the number two spot on the ten most populated US states list with an estimated number of 26,017,907 people. Texas has a very big role to play when it comes to contributing to the agriculture, industrial, technological and energy sector of the country. The big economic boom that started in Texas a few years back has continued to thrive benefiting the residents of the region. In comparison to other states country wide, the gross state product is higher. Many economists are of the view that the entire economy of the country might be prone to collapse if Texas is taken out of the equation.
1. California
California easily beats all other states of the country in terms of population with an estimated total number of 37,884,602 individuals taking the title of the most populated state in the United States. A major reason why the population is so high in this state is the large number of employment opportunities that its cities have to offer to residents all over the country.


  1. Madison says:

    Yay!! Live in PA

    • temetrius says:

      Why are u happy. U guys are the sixth one. I should be haooy because I live in cakaifornia

      • Gio says:

        When did this become a competition? Why should you be happier because you live in CA? You’re a strange person.

        • Eli Ferguson says:

          I totally agree with Gio, I live in Texas and literally hate it with a passion. I’m bipolar and this excess population is nothing but a trigger for my extreme mood swings. Can’t speak for those with no mental disorder, but Arlington is completely cluttered and has lead me to a phase of complete isolation. Trying to get help for this should not take months like it has so far. Sorry, I’m just venting I guess.

    • Daniel says:

      Nobody want to live in PA! Lol
      OMG! No way!

  2. jeremiah osas says:

    USA is my dream country

  3. Tyler Smith says:

    I live in the mitten!!

  4. dave grohl says:

    i live in florida and it sux. i dont recommend it to anyone. move to washington state

    • wito says:

      i know florida is wac to many people , no jobs , a 2 bedroom apt in little east havana next to i-95 , in a six unt building is $1000.00 a month thats freaking outrages. and don’t even talk about getting a job, go apply at mcdonald’s and they want all kind of experience and degrees , o and only part time , of course no insurance.

    • Alexei says:

      For all those who believe people who say Florida s**ks. Don’t blame it on he state. All that is only half true. And McDonalds only asks for degrees because they don’t want morons who hate the state they live in to work there. And Florida has lots of great things too. Great colleges and tourism spots everywhere, Florida is actually a great state, don’t listen to stupid people who act like they know everything. I have a secure position in life and I’m not going anywhere. Respect your home, it might have mor to offer than meets the eye.

    • Mike says:

      Probably because you live in some weird broken boring town. Move to Miami or bonita or something. Florida goes hard. You’re life just sucks

  5. Rosemarie says:

    I lived in Florida for 12 years and just recently left and moved back to my home state of michigan and I did we’ll in my profession as a dental tech. I have now retired and the only thing I can say to all of you is Don’t move to Florida for the weather unless you love the humid heat 8 months out of the year because its HOT from April till November But its beautiful ,,,Dec to March. Too meny snowbirds. Traffic is horrible

  6. Roy Garcia says:

    I’m from Texas!! Love my state!! I know it can be very hot. But theirs so many places to go and visit. And the economy is booming in Texas!! Like they say. There’s no place like Home.

  7. Madelyn says:

    You need to be more pacific about what kids from Wyoming and I think you should make the topics more pacific

  8. Mildred says:

    This article is full of LIES there are not enough jobs in any of the states listed and in those not listed for the amount of people currently unemployed and recent high school and college graduates this is a known fact!

    • Andy Ho says:

      How is it full of lies. All websites of population by states says California is the most populated state. And PS Wyoming is the least populated state. Just look at one of the Websites.

  9. Christian says:

    I live in florida and honestly it sickens me more and more each year. The passage said it all, its filled with an unreal amount of illegal immigrants and that number is only increasing. I know people who are from south american that come over here on work papers and have children over here right away to have them born in the USA which in my eyes is just terrible. They are doing it for an easy pass for american citizenship. They also dont seem to treat us americans very nice either, it seems they are jealous of what we have yet at the same time are trying to make a living themselves here. It makes me sad to see such a beautiful state become such a huge landing spot and future home for all of these illegal people and spanish speaking cultures that have their own countries already.

  10. Contesa says:

    I am from Texas,and I moved back to texas from California 9 years ago. It is more jobs here than in California as far as I can tell,but Cali is home for me!! Southern hospitality is a joke people are nicer in Cali !! I do like the fact the Texas is a better place to raise children as well so definitely good and bad in both states!!! JS

  11. sergiomanzoratte says:

    I couldent agree more w wito nd christian,by all means please”stop separating families
    ,” nd send all back to be reunited nd happy for ever after,nd procreate like there is no tomorow!!.Well actually i take that back ,just those that couldent care less about learning how to speak english ,asimilating coulturally nd respect nd have some appreciation nd gratitude for this COUNTRY!!! Nd be so ful of ………….unplaced entitlement!!

  12. Ron DePersia says:

    I have lived here in Northern California for 30 years
    now, and truly believe that the diversity of
    California is a big part of being the most populated
    in the United States.
    From here at home, in Portola California,
    which is up in the northern Sierra Mountain range, and
    snow country, I can actually be on a ocean front
    swimming etc, in three (3) hours.
    Later the same day be snow skiing at South Lake Tahoe.
    California is truly a great deversified state, and I really love it.
    Ron DePersia..

  13. EL TONIO says:

    I thought New York would be 2nd. Puro Califa$

  14. DaThrilla Manilla says:

    I love Dlorida, been living here all my life and it is great! Orlando is one of my favorite cities to live in in the entire U.S.

  15. Andy Ho says:

    I live in California :D

  16. Betty Luckey says:

    Just happened to look on this site for info on population of PA…
    My Honey is a Truck Driver n’ I’m His Rider, (since I’ve retired)…
    +We were surprised by the order of some of the states & population.
    We’re glad to have websites like this at Our disposal for information on the road, (saved many an argument).. Also, to remind Us and/or learn about new and different things as We travel.
    He’s from OR. & I’m from So.Cal., originally.. Via AZ., living out of FL., now.. (We were very surprised about the placement of FL. & population, (should be more, I’m sure of it).
    Yes, it is very expensive to live in FL., especially, in the larger cities. As most other cities around the country.
    It is what it is..
    . We all just need to make the best of it, no matter where We live.. Be Proud of where You live or make a change.
    Blessings to Our Country and Our People. :) :) :)

    • George Roy says:

      Guess what? Florida is now 3rd, ahead of New York. Yes it’s hot, humid and lots of bugs more than half of the year, but better than dealing with snow and cold in the winter.

  17. SD Woodard says:

    Pacific? really? Pacific? Could you be specific? about the use of Pacific?

  18. George Roy says:

    A few decades ago, NY state was first in population. Now, in this decade, it will fall to fourth, behind Florida. All the larger cities, except New York City, are continuing to decline in population. Thought you might like to know.

  19. holly says:

    I lived in florida for 12 years in central Fl in a little town called frostproof and it sucks everything is going down to shame. I don’t know why somebody will ever go down to Floridaand life it sucks!!!

  20. Scarlotte says:

    This article reads like it was written for a third-grade geography report. Really? For Florida, “one of the reasons for its high population is its border with the Gulf of Mexico from where a significant number of illegal immigrants enter into the country seeking a better life or employment opportunities.” Really? Not only is this untrue, it doesn’t even make sense: illegal immigrants are largely not counted in the census.

    Also: “Atlanta is the most popular city of the region and also the State Capital famous for a large number of things.”

    Wow. Fascinating research.

  21. jojo yamoah says:

    All the people of Atlanta and Arizona watch out because that anointed of the lord is coming to town this year.God bless you all. Manchester

  22. Henry says:

    I love texas 4rm my day one,so to be frank,i love texas

  23. Marie says:

    I live in Atlanta. If you don’t like the weather, stick around a while, it’ll change. We have a saying here “if you don’t like it here – Delta is ready when you are”! And they fly everywhere. Life is wonderful.

  24. Ron Drive says:

    I disagree that New York State is the most popular, NEW YORK CITY is the most popular city, but as for state, EVERYONE knows CALIFORNIA. The Golden State, Hollywood, excellent weather year round. access to everything within a quick drive.

  25. Noah says:

    I live in utah. Even though it it one of the least populated states, I still love it here. It doesn’t have to have a ton of ppl to be epic.

  26. Ryan says:

    I live In Canada but I’ve always wanted to move to California. Is that a good idea, should I go to a different state, or should I stay in Canada? Give me some feedback I’d like to know, thanks.

  27. jonny bravo says:

    Im from Ohio but live in California Cali os coo just way too many Mexicans no offense but I loved Ohio too just not as many opportunities and cold weather

  28. jonny bravo says:

    Aye OH10

  29. Lety says:

    All my Ex’s live in Texas lol

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