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Top 10 Best Soccer Players of 2013

Soccer is one of the popular sports in this world. There are numerous soccer tournaments and leagues happening all around. Statistics show that around 250 million people play soccer in over 200 nations approximately. There are various soccer governing bodies for each of the continents and each body has their own leagues and tournaments. The largest football or soccer governing body is the Union of European Football Association and the common international association is the FIFA. Some of the famous international tournaments are World cup, the Olympics, Asian games, Common wealth games, UEFA European championship, Asian cup, Copa America, African cup of nations and the FIFA federation cup.
Soccer has a huge fan following and some young followers or fans are aspiring future football players. There are rankings for football playing countries, league teams and for the individual soccer players. The rankings and other performances of the players will lead them to the selection for their national teams, for local league teams and even for international league teams. Every year various football related companies, websites and most of soccer magazines release their own list of best soccer players of 2013.
This article has a compilation of its own list of top 10 soccer players from around the world for the year 2013. The top ranked player is chosen by their performance as an individual and as a team.
Here Is The List Of Top Soccer Players 2013:

10- Diego Forlan:
Diego Forlan - soccer player
This Uruguayan born soccer player plays for his nation Uruguay and for International. He is regarded as one of great goal scorers. His last stint in Atletico Madrid made them win the 2010 Europa League. He is also known for steering Uruguay into the semi-finals of FIFA 2010 world cup. He is a strong shooter with both his legs. His individual excellence has won him the European golden shoe in the year 2010.

9- Xavi:
Xavi - 2013
A famous Spanish soccer player of all times. He is still one of the greatest players in this season. This Barcelona club player has won the Euro best player of the year 2008 and has won many individual laurels from 2005 to 2010. He is one of experienced mid fielders for the Spain national team, played more than 100 matches.

8- Wayne Rooney:
Soccer - Wayne Rooney File Photo
This English player plays for his country England and as a highly rated player for Manchester United. After making his football debut in the year 2003, at the age of 17, he is still one of the best soccer players that the world has ever produced. A strong forward player for both his teams. He is a great team player with great skills of ball control and shooting from a long distance. His performance during the 2012 season has put him in this top 10 list of 2013 season players.

7- Carlos Tevez:
Carlos Tevez
he is one of the best striker the Football world has ever seen. He plays for his national team Argentina and for Manchester City as a Forward. He uses his strong body to enhance his striking skills. His statistics of scoring more than 50 goals for Manchester City shows the hard work of this player.

6- Andres Iniesta:
Andres Iniesta
This Spanish player is the mid fielder for his team, and he remains in the memory of Spanish fans, by scoring the final goal in the 2010 world cup finals against Italy. He is known for his ball control and dribbling skills. Some of the Spanish football fans consider him as a lucky member in the team. After 2010 world cup win, Spain has won more than 40 games in important FIFA tournaments with Andres on the side.

5- Kaka:
Kaka - best soccer players 2013
His original name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite. This Brazilian footballer was born on 22nd April 1982. He got his first contract for playing for a professional team at the age of fifteen. Now he plays for the Brazilian national team and as a midfielder for Real Madrid. The Real Madrid is a Spanish La Liga team.

4- Didier Drogba:
Didier Drogba 2013
He plays for his national league team Ivory coast, a national league team Cote D’ivoire and for an international league team Chelsea. His abilities of ball control and overall physical strength are praised by other players and his fans.

3- Robin Van Persie:
Robin Van Persi 2013
This natural footballer plays as a striker for his national team Netherlands and for Manchester United. He has an uncanny knack of piercing into the defense of opponent team with his great ball control and dribbling skills. Van Persi at the age of 29 has failed to satisfy the fans in this 2012 season so far.

2- Lionel Messi:
Lionel Messi - best soccer players 2013
This player represents two famous soccer teams in the world, one as a captain for Argentina and as a striker for FC Barcelona in Spain. His followers term him as a legend. Dribbling and shooting are the great abilities of Messi, and he is regarded as a match winner for the team against any opposition. During 2012, he was witnessed in the UEFA champions league and in the Spanish La Liga.

1- Cristiano Ronaldo:
Cristiano Ronaldo 2013
This amazing Portuguese soccer player was born on 5th February 1985. He plays for his country as a captain and as a striker for the Spanish La Liga club Real Madrid. He is one of the most costly players of any club. Previously he played for Manchester United club in the English Premier League. The cost for Real Madrid for acquiring this player is around one billion Euro. He is famous for his tricky forward moves and his wonderful shooting skills.

The above list is generated after reviewing the performance of various players in the past 2012 season. The list can guide you, who to follow during the coming season. Still there are lots of interesting players to watch out during the upcoming 2013 season. This year’s tournament will bring out the best of the best players, and there are new young upcoming players to watch as well. Get ready to have a great fun in following the professionals and to enjoy this wonderful sport.


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    so finally ..ronaldo no 1…cool ..i love it….power,speed,accuracy,freekick,penalty,skills…everything ….but Ribery should also be included in top 10

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    great n01 of all time in my generation

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    preguntame 10 jugadores de holanda no se permite buscar en internet

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