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Top Ten Richest Rappers in the World – 2013

Rap etymologically means ”fast read” or ”spoken fast” and it has its roots originated from the Africans who used to narrate stories rhythmically over different musical instruments. Though this industry is not easy to enter and to make your way past others is really a tough job and calls for exceptional talent. This line is also worth taking because the rewards are immense if it is pursued with proper direction and hard work. Rap music has instill vast changes pertaining to social fabric of the society and made many people rich about whom we will be talking of shortly. Let’s take a complete look below on Top Ten Richest Rappers in the World – 2013.


10. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne

Starting from the number ten slot, we have Mr. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. aka Lil Wayne occupying this position. He is around thirty years of age and from New Orleans. His Net worth is around USD 95 million. His hit album ”The Black is Hot” made him earned huge success and fame.


9. O’Shea Ice Cube Jackson

O’Shea Ice Cube Jackson

Born on June 5, 1969 Ice Cube is at number nine. Though he started off his career with a hip-hop group C.I.A but later joined NWA (Niggas with Attitude) and gained tremendous success. He has a net worth of USD 100 million and is one of a significant celebrity. Not only in the world of rap, Jackson also managed to build up a prominent career as a writer, director, actor and a producer. He is from Los Angeles, California.


8. Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., aka Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., aka Snoop Dogg

Coming from the land of California Snoop Dogg is at number eight. Though his net worth is around USD 110 million but he is known across the world for his rap music. My humble apologies as I just realized that the name Snoop Dogg has been recently changed to Snoop Lion. The Dogg has now transformed into a ferocious lion ever ready to grab a slot on the top ten chart. The man behind the gun is Dr. Dre who discovered the latent within Snoop Lion and let him participate in his debut The Chronic. Lion has almost over 30 million albums worldwide.


7. Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem

Marshall Bruce Mathers III aka Eminem

One more talent discovered by Dr. Dre, Eminem is on the number seven slot. With a net worth of USD 140 million, Mr. M&M (nickname)is the King of the Hip Hop according to the magazine Rolling Stone. The magnitude of his fame and success can be well gauged from the fact that just in USA, he has sold around USD 49.1 million albums and 42 million tracks.


6. Curtis 50Cent Jackson

Curtis 50Cent Jackson

The 38 year old occupies number six on the top ten chart. He is also known as 50 cent and rose to fame after the release of his album ” Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2003)” and ”The Massacre (2005)”. Not just this, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ has been certified platinum for eight times by RIAA. He has a net worth of around USD 110 million. His past isn’t so simple to ignore in this writing. He used to be a drug dealer at the age of 12 but when he leaved this line and stepped foot in the arena of rapping, he was shot nine bullets which he fortunately survived. Currently, The great rapper is working on his fifth studio album called ”Street King Immortal” which is scheduled to be released in Spring 2013.


5. Bryan Birdman Williams

Bryan Birdman Williams

Born in February 1969 and popularly known as ‘Baby’, Birdman Williams is at number five with a net worth of around USD 170 million. He has earned a lot of fame in this industry being a co-founder of ‘ Cash Money Records’ and one half of the duo ‘Big Tymers’. Williams also contributed towards the making of YMCMB (Young Money Cash Money Billionaires) which earned him a good name.


4. Andre Dr. Dre Young

Andre Dr. Dre Young

Born in February 1965 in California Dr. Dre is at number four in the list. He has a net worth of around USD 260 million and is ranked at 56 on their list of “100 Greatest Artists of All-Time” by Rolling Stone. He has demonstrated a character of selflessness by building and helping new talent to emerge in the industry and earn fame. Some of the renowned names are Eminem, Snoop Lion and 50 cent.


3. Percy Robert Miller aka Master P

Percy Robert Miller aka Master P

The 46 years old Master P (stage name) has clinched the third position in the top ten chart. Coming from the land of New Orleans, this guy has a net worth of around USD 350 million and is the CEO and founder of P. Miller Enterprises, an entertainment and financial conglomerate and Better Black Television. This great rapper was also a former professional minor league basketball player. Not only this, he also participated in motion pictures such as “Gone In 60 Seconds”, “Soccer Mom” and a children’s show “Gee Gee The Giraffe”.


2. Shawn Jay-Z Carter

Shawn Jay-Z Carter

Coming all the way from New York, the 43 year old has a net worth of around USD 460 million. The best part about Jay-Z is that along with being one of the richest rappers, he is also the husband of popular singer Beyonce. Together they have a lovely daughter. MTV honored him with top spot in their list of ”The Greatest MCs of All-Time” in 2006. What about Rolling Stone? Yes they ranked him the 88th-greatest artist of all time.


1. Sean Diddy Combs

Sean Diddy Combs

Here comes the richest rapper of 2013 __ Born in November 1969 and belongs to New York, Puff has a net worth of around USD 500 million. His lucky year was 1997 in which he launched his debut album ”Now Way Out” and it has been certified seven times platinum. Some of the other successful albums of Puff are Forever (1999), The Saga Continues… (2001) and Press Play (2006). His activities are not circumscribed to rap only as he also has a prominent presence in the non-music sector which includes the clothing lines Sean John and “Sean by Sean Combs” – for which he earned a Council of Fashion Designers of America award – a movie production company, and two restaurants

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