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Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in The World in 2014

Let’s face it folks, we live in a highly dangerous world and our lives are under constant threat. Whether it is because of technological advancements leading to deadly nuclear weapons or the intolerance of other ethnic and tribal groups, there is no place that can guarantee safety.
Global Peace Index or GPI is an authentic way of ranking the countries. They use various indicators such number of homicides, relationships with neighboring countries, quantity of imported and exported weapons, access to light arms, amount spent on military, political terror and instability, terrorism, number of refugees, deaths from internal and external conflicts, number of prisoners, and a lot of other factors. All the data is collected and then the countries are ranked accordingly.
Below is a list of the top 10 most dangerous countries of 2014 according to Global Peace Index. It is not advisable to settle or even visit these countries or else your property, family, and life would be under constant threat.

most dangerous countries
10. Central African Republic
Central African Republic has been through a lot of internal wars between rebellious groups such as UFDR, the army, and the government. After President Francois Bozize died in 2003, the Central African Republic Bush War started the very next year. Agreements were signed to restore peace but conflicts arose once again when rebels thought that the government is not respecting the signed peace agreements. Currently, civil war is going on in the country.

9. North Korea
North Korea has a high amount of their population in jail, that is, about 0.83% and no other country has a population this high in prison. The country is closed for tourism (why would any tourist even dare to go there?). They have the largest army and an extremely strict government and you might get sentenced for committing even the slightest mistake. For example, a high ranking official was executed for drinking during the mourning period of hundred days over the death of Kim Jong-II. Along with this, various nuclear tests are going on and therefore the country is politically isolated.

8. Russia
The Global Terrorism Index has ranked Russia as the 9th most dangerous country of 2014 (in terms of terrorism) out there. The terrorism rate is extremely high. Various internal wars are going on which is contributing to a high death rate. Quite a lot of import and export of weapons is happening and military expenditure is also increasing rapidly. Shooting, resisting the security forces, and bombing etc have become a routine in various Russian cities. But since Russia is a huge country, many cities are relatively peaceful.

7. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of Congo also has quite a high crime rate. The civil wars that started in 1998 did not stop till 2003 and its condition in terms of peace is still very bad. M23 Rebels had established their own government in November 2012 in certain parts of North Kivu but the international pressure forced them to withdraw it soon. Its relationship with Angola (its neighboring country) isn’t really good.

6. Pakistan
It is not common to see Pakistan in the news headlines every now and then. Global Terrorism Index has given it second position and the crime rate is tremendously high. Masses of people are dying because of drone attacks in FATA and many (particularly Shias) have lost their lives in 133 attacks done under Sectarian Violence in 2012. Terrorist attacks alone caused 1500 deaths. Apart from this, the nuclear programs, radical Islamic practices, Al Qaeda, not-so-good relationship with neighboring countries, corrupt politicians and a lot of other factors has contributed in making it the 6th most dangerous country of 2014.

5. Sudan and South Sudan
South Sudan gain independence in July 2011 but both Sudan and South Sudan are still a subject to a number of internal conflicts. Sudan has a greater Arabian Muslim population while South Sudan consists mainly of black Christian Africans. Sudan’s constant efforts to take over South Sudan have given rise to a number of wars. Residents of both the countries frequently clash and various inter tribal violence occurs. Usually foreigners who go to visit these two countries end up dying due to famines, diseases, criminal activities, or wars etc.

4. Iraq
Countless rebels, merciless terrorists, and endless conflicts have made Iraq a very dangerous country lately and it continues to be a dangerous country in 2014 as well. Saddam Hussein made use of torture, murder, and rape etc to control his enemies. The country became a little politically stabilized after his death. Various arms groups like Al Qaeda, Sunni and Shi’ite militia groups have also created chaos. They have spent quite a lot on military; 3 billion USD spent on purchasing F16 fighter jets. Moreover, they are not in good terms with their neighboring countries; Syria and Turkey.

3. Syria
Syria has become a dangerous country quite recently, after 2011 and is the 3rd most dangerous country in 2014. The country is divided into two groups: those who are with Bashar Al Assad, the president, and those who are against him. The death toll has reached approximately 60,000. In order to silence the ones who are against him, the present has led uncountable killings and executions. A huge sum is also being spent on the army. The lives of journalists are at stake too. Assad is planning to use chemical weapons which can leave devastating effects on the neighboring countries along with the Syrian population.

2. Somalia
Somalia was the most dangerous country the previous year but is on 2nd position in 2014. The country has been a subject to tough conditions from decades. The civil wars and terrible humanitarian situation made it a pretty dangerous country to live. Illegal fishing, pirates, drug trafficking, and gun fights on the streets of its capital city Mogadishu is a common practice.

1. Afghanistan
Afghanistan is rated as the most dangerous country in the world, standing third on GTI. It is the home to Al Qaeda. The NATO attacks and Taliban etc are making survival over there pretty dangerous. Its capital city, Kabul, have faced a number of suicide bombing attacks, assassinations, mortar fire and a lot more. A number of tribal and ethnic groups are threatening the security of the country and inter-ethnic and inter-tribal violence is rising rapidly. The accusation of 9/11 attacks on Afghan government and Taliban made it more unstable.


  1. Iraq is far worse than Afghanistan in terms of living on a daily basis. If you (as a citizen of their country) were to live in either country for a week in their most dangerous city (being Baghdad and Kabul), you are more likely to survive in Kabul rather than in Baghdad.

  2. FRED D.NCUBE says:

    why people of those countries continue to carry out such an ugly acts.these acts do not represent human nature,where are we heading?
    When will these barbaric acts stop?

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